jacob moscovitch


As Assistant Director of Photography for the Columbia Missourian, I worked as a visual leader within our photo department and the newspaper as a whole. Working with the news desk I advocated for visually-driven content. In collaboration with photographers, photo editors and designs, I lead photo pages and spreads for the daily publication.

With the help of Brian Kratzer, Director of Photography, I culled through every image made during 2019 by Columbia Missourian staff photographers to create a 50-picture edit for the Year in Pictures. Designer Cassie Allen and I used 17 pictures for the print edition.  View the online presentation here.

Fellow picture editor Bailey Valadez and I sent Missourian photographers Emmalee Reed and Joel Chan to venture across Columbia, Missouri and capture residents who live and breathe fashion. Designer Cassie Allen and I collaborated for this. View the online presentation here.

As COVID-19 raged across rural Missouri, photographer Ethan Weston (who tested negative) ventured into Osceola to document the town, the people and the cause of the spread: football. Photo editor Armond Feffer and designer Jacob Horton collaborated to create this photo package. As Assistant Director of Photography, I oversaw the final print presentation.

After a weekend full of university Homecoming preparation, rodeo and corn mazes, I pitched and worked with designer Corey Hadfield to make a collective print-only presentation of one Fall weekend highlighting original photography from Joel Chan, Emmalee Reed and Daniel Shular.

After photographer Yanchen Liu and I culled through her marathon pictures from Fall 2019, I pitched a print-presentation. Designer Corey Hadfield and I collaborated for this and the online presentation is available here.

Photographer Claire Hassler documented students at a local community college to visualize a new program for high school dual credit. The story, produced alongside KBIA and KOMU, was designed by Corey Hadfield. View the online presentation here.

As abandoned face coverings littering the streets, photo editor Emmalee Reed and I sent photographer Grace Noteboom to create a print and web presentation that mirrored the scale of the issue. Utilizing a grid, we mirrored the sheer number of masks throughout the city and displayed the resulting health hazard at hand. We collaborated with designer Sara Marquardt.

After the sweat had dried, the tennis balls were gathered, the trophies were kissed and the triumph was paraded, it was time to look back at both weeks of U.S. Open tennis. Here is the online presentation of these Associated Press pictures. 

Cover photo by Daniel Shular from 2019 Year in Pictures.

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