jacob moscovitch

"Can we go watch the sunset after dinner?"

My little sister Sofia, 16, hadn't left her bed in days. When her first girlfriend broke her heart during a global pandemic, she fell into a depression. Her life, although emotionally halted for more than two months, remained as colorful as her favorite color: rainbow.

"I love you," I told her with a glint in my eye. "I kinda love you," Sofia replied with a restrained smirk. 

"I just want to cry, but there's no tears left."

"Don't read my stuff."

"Close my door all the way."

"Jacob, do you have more meditation songs?"

"What should I even wear?"

"I don't want to workout."

"Don't tell my parents!"

"I get to play my music. Also, let's get burritos."

"I haven't shaved in 10 days, oops."

"Jacob, what are the settings?"

"I haven't made slime since I was like 10."

"Can we go to the protest tomorrow?"

"I can't just let go of what we had."

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