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An archival photograph by Roy Milburn of the Superior Lumber Co. fire in Glendale, Ore. in 2001. Members of the Earth Liberation Front were later charged with arson in the case.

"The Case of the Eco-Terrorists and the Book Deal." When Craig Rosebraugh got involved with the Earth Liberation Front, he had no idea the twists his story would take. 

Photographs by Kovi Konowiecki for The New York Times.

Mr. Rosebraugh learned of the full extent of the F.B.I.’s operations against him when he read the more than 5,000 pages of files he obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

In a 2001 profile in The New York Times Magazine, Craig Rosebraugh said of the E.L.F.’s tactics, “Morally and ethically, I believe in what I’m doing. I believe in what they are doing.”

Robert Eringer’s career as a literary agent took a turn, as he found unconventional parties interested in the stories he developed with certain writers.

Today, Mr. Rosebraugh lives in Pasadena, Calif. where he is a documentary filmmaker.

Mr. Rosebraugh leads a mostly quiet life with his wife and two children.

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