jacob moscovitch

The dawn sky greeted me as I flew into Denmark.

Last night, I dreamt I was in Denmark. The sky was pink as my friends and I rode bikes. The sunset graced our faces as we walked downtown. The birds darted toward the shining lake, as they always did.

I woke up back in California before my alarm, before the sunrise — in quarantine. In reality, my fairytale is unfinished, unwritten. COVID-19 has sent me 5,500 miles away from Aarhus, Denmark, but I’ll be back.

“Love letter to Denmark” is a poetic journey of my time abroad. The characters and landscapes in these pictures are documents of my memory, showcasing a place I now call home and those who live among it.

When exploring my apartment's perimeter, I met one of my neighbors.

Maddie was rock during my time in Aarhus. She inspires me daily to find my voice within photography.

A trip to Copenhagen allowed my friends and I to explore Denmark. Seeing this close interaction now seems unheard of.

When I made Jonathan and Oliver's portrait for school, I made one single analog image of them. This embrace is the one frame I made.

The sun called out to me downtown when I wandered one afternoon. I called Maddie after I made this image, hoping the film would turn out.

This was my bedroom as I studied. The only personalization was one tearsheet from The New York Times and a print.

I met Griff in my Copenhagen hostel and all I saw in him was the unbound adventurer I wasn't.

Bird practice preemptive social distancing during the final week of studies in Denmark.

At the start of my journey I documented the life of a young Ballerina.

The last week in Denmark seemed like a dream about to end. I walked with my neighbor, usually failing to stay two meters away.

My roomate Nic and I always compared our role in the apartment to mother and father. The kitchen was pivotal in those roles.

The view from my bedroom window. I used to let the sun dance in my eyes during sunset.

On my last day in Denmark, I met with my Danish friend Benjamin for my ever first socially-distant coffee.

Sabry taught me the patience I needed while in Denmark. I felt a secret connection with him and I never said goodbye.

My walk home during the last weeks of my Danish fairytale.

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