jacob moscovitch

When arriving in Denmark, I felt so much opportunity ahead.

College students across America journeyed home from disrupted study abroad programs amidst the worst public health crisis in their lifetime. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages, quarantined students look back, moved by nostalgia. They seek comfort through their camera rolls, reflecting on pre-virus travels cut short.

I am one of those students. This is my camera roll. Days ago, I was mid-semester at my dream school, the Danish School of Media and Journalism, halfway done with my time abroad. These pictures may be an unfinished diary, but they bring joy and calm my uncertainties. 

When exploring my apartment's perimeter, I met a young girl who really loved to wave.

Maddie was rock during my time in Aarhus. She inspires me daily to keep going creatively and find a true voice within my photography.

A trip to Copenhagen allowed my friends and I to explore Denmark. Seeing this close interaction now seems unheard of.

When I made Jonathan and Oliver's portrait for school, I made one single analog image. This embrace is the one frame I made.

The sun called to me downtown when I wandered one afternoon. I called Maddie after I made this image, hoping the film would turn out.

This was my bedroom as I studied. The only personalization was one tearsheet from The New York Times and a picture.

I met Griff in my Copenhagen hostel and all I saw in him was the unbound adventurer I wasn't.

Bird practice preemptive social distancing during the final week of studies in Denmark.

At the start of my journey I documented the life of a young Ballerina.

The last week in Denmark seemed like a dream about to end. I walked with my neighbor, usually failing to stay two meters away.

My roomate Nic and I always compared our role in the apartment to mother and father. The kitchen was pivotal in those roles.

The view from my bedroom window. I used to let the sun dance in my eyes during sunset.

On my last day in Denmark, I met with my Danish friend Benjamin for my ever first socially-distant coffee.

Sabry taught me the patience I needed while in Denmark. I felt a secret connection with him and I never said goodbye.

My walk home during the last weeks of my Danish fairytale.

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