jacob moscovitch

2020 Elections

As Assistant Director of Photography for the Columbia Missourian, I led the photo department on Election Day 2020 and the days proceeding. Working with the news editors, I advocated for visually-driven, local content on web and in print. In collaboration with photographers, photo editors and designers, I lead five longform galleries, one micro-documentary and two print presentations.  

With the help of photo editors Madi Winfield and Emmalee Reed, I oversaw a team of 12 emerging photographers who documented the local polls on Boone County.  View the online presentation here.

Photo editors Madi Winfield and Elizabeth Underwood and I coached a team of four emerging photographers local gatherings and watch parties across the state.  View the online presentation here.

For 20 hours, photographer Ethan Weston documented the coordination and chaos of the County Clerk and her team on Election Day. Photo editor Elizabeth Underwood and I collaborated to create this photo package. 

With Ethan Weston's coverage of Election Day through the eyes of the County Clerk, photo editor Elizabeth Underwood created a longform presentation to coincide with the print edition. I oversaw the picture selection and web design.

Video journalists Grace Noteboom, Minh Connors and Zephyrus Li set out to capture the feeling of Election Day 2020. Grace Noteboom, Megan Oosthuizen and I honored their vision and together, we produced this video. The online presentation is available here.

Photo editor Marco Pastigo Storel produced a longform web presentation of Election Coverage acorss the United States. Utlizing The Associated Press, we created an early morning gallery to allow readers to see this historic day near and far. View the online presentation here.

Photographer Margo Wagner and photo editor Megan Oosthuizen produced an audio-based portrait series of voters in Boone County. I oversaw the final picture selection, the pairing of images and the web presentation. Listen to their voices here.

Utilizing the coverage of local polls in the morning and watch parties in the evening, I collaborated with the Director of Photography Brian Kratzer to select images. I then worked with designer Morgan Gillespie to produce this print photo page.

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